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We empower people with easily accessible disease testing so that individuals can better manage their livelihoods and families.

As a global leader and pioneer in integrated disease management, our solution seamlessly combines molecular diagnostics, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to provide accurate, rapid, and easy-to-use on-site disease testing. 

Integrated disease management for agricultural & dairy farms and food & meat producers


What is Kalix?

Kalix systems help to automate highly complex and time-consuming manual procedures in genetic testing for organisms and genetic-based diseases using our real-time quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) devices and low-cost reagents.

Our Product & Services Help Users With

Identifying Diseases Early

Identifying diseases early, increasing opportunities to improve animal welfare, crop management, and prevent outbreaks.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics

Cloud based integrated management software to visualize data, control disease outbreaks, and make produce safety decisions rapidly.

Sensing Pathogens

& Contaminants

Sensing pathogens and contaminants in food, dairy and meat production. 

Precision Agriculture & Environment Friendly

Allow precise use of crop protection chemicals, reduced nutrient use in agricultural farms and reduced use of antibiotics in animal and bird farms.

Kalix team consists of experienced and dedicated people driven to bring testing closer to farmers and food producers.

Kalix technologies provide accurate molecular diagnostic testing for use with various sample media including soil, saliva, manure, feces, urine, blood and molt. 
Kalix offers 16-sample configuration with compact design with long-shelf life and low-cost testing reagents.
Agronomist Farmer

Kalix Innovation

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Fully Automated

sample extraction, PCR amplification, and detection

Simple Workflow

with minimal hands-on time and walk away capabilities for unparalleled efficiency

Fast & Accurate

PCR results, with most test results in less than one hour

Compact & Scalable Design 

Options to grow with your testing needs

Single-use Blister Pack Reagent technology 

reduces the risk of contamination and enables random-access, mix-and-match testing capabilities for optimal flexibility.

Kalix offers superior disease management:

Multiple disease testing: Kalix is designed to detect multiple diseases as need be, from both DNA and RNA type pathogens. 

High sensitivity: PCR is a well renowned technique that allows detection of pathogens and diseases at an early stage. Testing on Listeria monocytogenes, a bacteria present in food and water, found that our system could detect microbial particles in as low concentration as 1 particle per microliter.

Accuracy: Our testing method has been developed using a primer-based approach to eliminate false-positives or false-negatives results found in common testing equipment. This ensures trustworthy and safe diagnostics. 

Rapid testing: Our system has been optimized to provide most results in less than 1-2 hours, with a high level of accuracy and sensitivity.

Farmer Checking on Cattle

Kalix has been equipped with high-end technology for testing reliability:

Optical system: The use of fluorescence spectroscopy allows for contained reagents, real-time monitoring of reactions, and elimination of side reaction waste.​

Artificial Intelligence: Kalix integrates an AI module at the core of its optical system to enable automatic and reliable result interpretation.  

Kalix uses PCR technology, our proprietary reactions have been optimized for a wide range of uses:


Our system offers easy specimen collection, simple reaction setup and automated result analysis.

Increased Reagent Stability

Testing reagents can be stored at room temperature for up to 4 weeks without losing potency. This will allow the system to be deployed into remote and rural areas.


The system base cost is only $1199. We also offer the system at a low monthly rent cost of $99 with subscription.

For most samples the average cost per test is less than $10.


Kalix solution can be used for disease control and also for food and water quality testing.


High throughput: Our disease tools allow for only a single sample processing per reaction. With Kalix, the user can diagnose multiple samples at once. Our current system is designed for up to 16 samples, ideal for large and small farms.    

User interface: The system offers the possibility of reaction customization through an input interface, as well as real-time reaction monitoring and result display.

Cloud Connectivity: Our cloud-based management system provides a unique farm to fork solution to farmers and meat producers improving farm yield and productivity, provide timely preventive animal care, and allow precise use of crop protection chemicals.


Animal Health

Monitoring includes:

Bovine Viral Diarrhea, Bovine Respiratory Diseases, Trichomoniasis, Foot & Mouth Disease


Monitoring includes:

Norovirus, Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli


Monitoring includes:



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